Ravello Festival

Ravello, Italy


Artiste: various

Lieu: Outdoor

Choosing one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the Ravello Festival starts another edition blessed by a breathtaking view from the Amalfi Coast. With a tightly packed calendar paying homage to its 70th anniversary, the festival is definitively one of the most prestigious classical musical representations in Europe.

The acoustics is very delicate to treat in this case, and this year, thanks to the long Laltroservice experience, the latest VIO Series branded innovations debut as Main PA. The sound system participates in this extraordinarily unique and complex environment, where audio is challenged by the natural acoustics and the tasks posed by the event's core: highest profile orchestral performances.

A configuration of 14 VIO X206 arrays (7 modules per side) is paired with 6 new VIO S115 subs. Such a perfect context for the VIO X technology, known for refined acoustic signature and high reproduction detail; indeed, the new line system allows for clustered configuration resulting in a proper flyable line array with an extended throw.

All around the show, Villa Rufolo's panorama, as historical-architectural excellence, and a top destination for natural beauty lovers, will turn the nights into something hard to explain without a painting brush.