Sanremo Festival 2023

Sanremo, Italy


Artiste: various

Lieu: indoor

Sanremo 2023 opens the curtains as TV crosses national borders and connects Italian music to the world. The VIO Series technology is still involved in such an intense festival, sounding the Teatro Ariston. In the small yet influential theater of celebrity dreams, the RAI tech team uses a VIO L210 Main supported by a VIO X reinforcement, creating a flexible and efficient sound system. The configuration counts:

10 VIO L210s (5+5) as Main + 6 VIO S118s (3+3) in cardioid configuration for the main hall.
Plus, 6 VIO L210s as frontfill and infill.
12 VIO L210s (6+6) + 4 VIO S118s (2+2) to sound the balcony; moreover, 3 VIO L210s modules work as centerfill.
4 VIO X205s take care of the stage monitoring for the show hosts, together with 4 IG1T.
Last but not least:
10 VIO L210 (5+5) + 2 VIO S118 for the red carpet at the Ariston entrance.