Scuola Holden

Turin, Italy


Artiste: none

Lieu: indoor

The doors of one of Italy's most prestigious storytelling schools/universities have opened before us; Scuola Holden is a sterling training hub for talents in the field, housed in the magnificent ex-Caserma Cavalli. The building provides several rooms dedicated to the vibrant educational offering that enliven the School's popular interactive pathways.

The General Store is Scuola Holden’s largest space, a lecture hall with a post-industrial soul that recounts the countless worlds of writing and staging, a Jules Verne's envisioned theatre, and a place to transform dreams and vocations into projects and métiers. The environment is fully equipped, set up by high-skilled hands, and is home to flourishing collaborations with international experts and personalities.

In this ecosystem contaminated by multifaceted inspirations, the VIO X206 loudspeaker system now becomes the Main, thanks to a sound project that includes several dBTechnologies and VIO Series solutions reinforcing the acoustics.
The final configuration counts:
Main: 2 VIO X206
Outfill: 2 VIO X206
Subs: 2 VIO S115
Stage monitoring: 2 VIO W10
Cinema speakers: 2 IG2T
RS16000 as a radio microphone system