Un'estate da Re 2022

Caserta, Italy


Artiste: various

Lieu: Reggia di Caserta

Once more, the sublime-devoted music festival performed true magic: turning the aristocratic courtyards of Reggia di Caserta into a perfect scenario for five exclusive events, with a turnout of 14,000 spectators and 200 artists. The Italian famous singer Claudio Baglioni's live performance closed the 2022 edition with two evenings conducted by maestro Geoff Westley and the Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi di Salerno.
The evenings success was heart-moving and emphasized the favor of classical music among the general audience. L'Altroservice, specializing in high-profile and extensive sound systems, analyzed and evaluated this superb and memorable environment to design the most congenial sound system. The VIO Series, with its range of top, sub, and loudspeaker systems, constituted the audio technology used to convey the grandeur of music:

18 VIO L212s in 2 clusters of 9 modules combined with 2 VIO L210s downfills per side were the Main, complemented by 12 VIO S218s in inverted-stack gradient cardioid configuration.
8 VIO L208s were used as frontfills, and 4 VIO X206s as extrafills.
Maestro Westley's monitoring was done with 2 DVX DM12 TH, while the Orchestra monitoring was done by 8 VIO X205s in 4 per side.