VIO S118
VIO S118
VIO S118
VIO S118
VIO S118
VIO S118
VIO S118
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VIO S118
VIO S118

A flyable active subwoofer, equipped with a 18” neodymium woofer and crafted to complete with impressive low-end frequencies and vigorous SPL VIO's accurate, phase coherent wave front.

* Flyable and groundstack configurations require dedicated adapters FSA-VIOL210 and GSA-VIOL210

A flyable active subwoofer, equipped with a 18” neodymium woofer and crafted to complete with impressive low-end frequencies and vigorous SPL VIO's accurate, phase coherent wave front.

* Flyable and groundstack configurations require dedicated adapters FSA-VIOL210 and GSA-VIOL210

dBTechnologies developed a horn loaded design, while maintaining the size of a front-loaded sub cabinet, resulting in a double advantage: smaller dimension (and weight – only 45.1 kg) and a remarkable lower frequencies response even at a  long distance.

This makes this sub the perfect low-end extension of VIO arrays whenever a particularly long-throw is needed.

The system’s acoustical plus points are boosted by Digipro G4® 1600W Class D amplifier, the last generation of the Digipro amp technology which strongly contributed to the success of many dBTechnologies’ professional powered series. Equipped with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and SMPS , VIO S118 is highly resistant to line voltage fluctuations.

Digipro G4 pre-amp features a slot module allowing system monitoring and control via RDNet. Furthermore, the system is ready for future upgrades with DanteTM digital audio transmission network: in facts, VIO S118 also features a NFC system and a LED on the front grille.

The amps also allows users to run auto-test on electronics and transducers before and after use.

The amp module features an on board attenuation control and a delay module allowing to reach a max 9.9 ms delay with 0.1 ms steps. The on board cardioid preset process the sound of the backward sub in cardioid configurations (both flown or groundstacked).

S118’s cabinet is made of sturdy Multiplex plywood covered with a black polyuria finish and equipped with integrated hardware allowing 1 or more subs to be flown in a sub array or on the top of a VIO L210 array.

The system can be flown via DRK-210 flybar plus FSA-VIO L210 adapter for attaching VIO L210. GSA VIO L210 is necessary for stacked configurations with VIO L210.  

The dedicated DO-VIOS118 trolley can be hooked directly on flown subs easing dismantling and transport operations. 

Technical Data
Speaker Type
Active Horn-Loaded Flyable Subwoofer
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [- 6 dB]
39 Hz to Cut Freq (X-Over Dependent)
Frequency Response [- 10 dB]
36 Hz (HPF)
139 dB
1x18", Neodymium
Voice Coil LF
4 "
Amp Technology
Digipro® G4
Amp Class
Class D
RMS Power
1600 W
Peak Power
3200 W
Power Supply
1600 W with PFC
DSP 32
AD/DA Converter
24 bit 96 kHz
RMS, Peak, Thermal
Delay Option
0-9.9 ms internal
Steps of 0.1 ms
Crossover Frequency LF-HF
60-110Hz + Full range
LF-Xover out slope
24 dB/Octave
Signal Input
1xXLR balanced
Signal Output
1x XLR balanced (link or X-over)
1xRJ45 LINK (RDNet)
Expansion Card
1xRJ45 IN (RDNet)
1xRJ45 LINK (RDNet)
Power Socket
1x Input Attenuation Rotary Switch
1x Rotary Encoder (Delay 9.9 ms)
1XPolarity Inversion Switch (0° or 180°)
1xCardioid Mode Switch
1x X-Over Freq Switch (60-110 Hz + Full Range
1x System Auto-test
Multiplex plywood
Polyurea painted
2x Per Side
Pole Mount
M20 Thread
Rigging Points
2xPick Points on top to fix DRK-210 rigging frame (stack use)
4x Pick Points on top and 4x on bottom for rigging
720 mm (28.34 in)
520 mm (20.47 in)
695 mm (27.36 in)
45.1 kg (99.42 lbs)
Notes: The data are not binding; dBTechnologies reserves the right to modify the data at any time and without previous notice.
dBTechnologies Code: 1030102580
  • Active single 18” horn loaded subwoofer
  • Last generation Digipro G4 Amp Technology
  • 1600 W RMS class D DIGIPRO G4 amplifier with PFC
  • System Auto-Test for quick diagnostics
  • Integrated flying hardware (compatible with VIO L210)
  • Designed for maximum efficiency in the lower end
  • On board delay for perfect time alignement
  • On board cardioid array configuration preset
  • Modular slot for network and digital audio expansion cards
380V resistant SMPS
The final amplifiers will be switched off in case of an undesired strike of 380V current, saving them from any damage. The auxiliary power supply - 380V tolerant - determines a safe range of operability for the man power supply.
Aurora Net
This product is fully-compatible with Aurora Net software
dBTechnologies Composer
A software able to supply each and every necessary information on the installation of the DVA and VIO systems depending on the necessities of the event.
Visit Composer to download the software and get more infos.
The latest System of digital amplification engineered by dBTechnologies. 

Expansion Card Slot
The preamplifier comes with a RDNet card installed. The user will be able to upgrade the system by replacing the RDNet card with an Audinate™ Dante™ card for audio over Ethernet and remote control on a single cable solution - sold separately.
The lntelligent Power-On sequence circuit controls the sequence in which the main power supplies of all units within an array ramp up. As a result, each module is switched on in a different time frame, keeping the overall system’s inrush current low.
Near Field Communication proximity sensors are used to determine the position of each box within an array. This technology, together with a hi-brightness LED bulb on the front of the enclosure, contributes to help the user to recognize and match each box with their position on the remote control software.
Opto-isolated Preamp
The floating audio input design grants a digital optical isolation between earth ground from the mains and the audio ground flowing into the Preamplifier board.
This galvanic isolation greatly improves resistance to interferences and any unwanted buzzing and noises.
PFC (Power Factor Corrector)
The Power Factor Corrector greatly improves the efficiency of the system. Performances of the amplifier are very stable and consistent, regardless of the quality of the mains. This also grants a worldwide compatibility of the power supply - from 90V to 265V 50/60Hz - and limits power consumption.
Digital net for bi-directional control of connected devices.
The acronym RDNet originates from the development, on behalf of RCF and dBTechnologies, of a universal network which allows adjustments in real time and supervision of all the connected systems, using cables based on ethernet cat 5 wires.
With the specific software and the interfaces control 2 and control 8, a complete command of the acoustic system will be possible allowing real time supervision on each electrical component of the various speakers.

RDNet allows you to

Monitor levels, limiters, and temperatures
Select system presets
Configure setups off-line
Mute units
Group modules and assigning group EQ, delay and phase  
Test individual components
Automatically address system components   
Tap into LAN and USB interfaces  
Extend the network via wireless LAN access points.
System Test
A built-in measurement system can read the transducers impedance in real time and provide an instant feedback on the health of your system.
This controls is performed constantly or it can be forced by the user at any time, remotely or from the amplifier panel.
USB Data Port
Thanks to this universal data port, the user will be able to perform firmware upgrades
White version available
White version available
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