Shenzhen Percussion Cultural Fest



Artist: Various

Venue: FuTian Sports Park Stadium


On May 10-11 the powerful line array VIO L212 participated as main PA at the eclectic Shenzhen Percussion Cultural Festival 2019, a music event rich in artistic variety, now successfully at its 10th edition.
The flagship system of the VIO Series has energized the dozens and dozens of performances of some of the most popular percussionists and drummers loved by local and neighboring fans: Izumi Koga, Simon Philips, Tim Smith, Anika Nilles, Ryan Stevenson, Steve Smith and many others.
The configuration supported by DMT, consisted of: 20 VIO L212 + 8 VIO L210 and 18 VIO S218 set up inside FuTian Sports Park Stadium in Shenzhen, with a capacity of about 3,500 people.
Shenzhen Percussion Culture Festival was born as a cultural activity able to leave an imprint on the well-being of society by spreading and facilitating the knowledge of percussion music, an art recognized as a centuries-old symbol of Chinese tradition. If art begins with life, at the same time, art allows to return to life and we can think about that circumstance as a path of enrichment whose point of arrival is serenity and harmony. The festival is also the most concrete opportunity to create a network of solid relationships between the public and the artists, and facilitate the process of development and growth of the music industry.