Juno Mak & Endy Chow live show

Hong Kong, HK


Artist: Juno Mak & Endy Chow

Venue: indoor


The recent gig in Hong Kong was a great occasion for the live performances of artists, producers, and showmen Juno Mak and Endy Chow. The Asia World-Expo Hall 1 hosted big audiences to share engaging music with power and dynamism.
The VIO technology, with a wide variety and assortment of units, entered the audio task supporting the AHM pros, who were in charge of the venue's sound.
The result was an explosive joint venture between music, technology, and audio professionals.

The sound system was designed and crafted with the following configuration:
Main: 36 VIO L212 Main (18+18)
Subs: 2 clusters of 6 VIO S218Fs behind the Main
Side PA: 20 VIO L1610s
Frontfills: 8 VIO L210s
Stage monitoring: 4 VIO W15Ts
Plus, pack cardio of 24 VIO S218s in 8x3
Two delays of 10 L1610s each reinforced the sound delivery for the stall.