Audiovisual show

Vltava Žije Festival 2019

Výstaviště České Budějovice


Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor


VIO L212 line array system jumped to the moon with Vltava žije - audiovizuální Festival 2019 - Man on the moon.
In a large outdoor stage in Výstaviště České Budějovice, a successful exhibition dedicated to the audiovisual world took place again: this year, through involving and sublime scenarios, the show created by Art4promotion turned its gaze and memory to the unforgettable heroic feat of landing on the moon, which is 50 years old this year.

The PA was designed by rental company, a solid reality of professionals in the field of sound for happenings and events; the configuration of the MAIN was constituted by the large VIO: 16 VIO L212 + 14 VIO S218 + 16 VIO L210

With an audience of 10,000, Vltava Žije 2019 - Man on the moon is a plunge into the galaxy of History and Progress but also of artistic creativity: directed by the show-designer and director Eng. Rudolf Střítecký, the show is built on ecstasy and aesthetics with a multimedia narrative made of similarities and associations but also of visual elisions and auditory caesuras. The show was completed by holographic, projections, lasers, dance, and breathtaking acrobatic shows.
Funk, soul and pop-rock music also anticipated the evening and gave the entire happening the right beat to entertain the crowd.