Big Bang Festival 2019



Artist: Various

Venue: Chateauxform' Les Docks de Paris


The VIO L212 and VIO L210 line array system powered the Big Bang Festival 2019, a big event created by Marvellous Island.
This year the VIO Series sounded Chateauxform' Les Docks De Paris for the event that has been described as one of the most anticipated electronic music happenings in France, two different configurations were PA's for the two different rooms reserved to the dancefloors.
With 2 stages, 28 hours of music, 25,000 participants, and futuristic and eye-catching sets, this party-night unveiled a big team of 27 famous DJs to form a firmament of bright stars that transformed the entire venue into a galaxy crossing all possible sound-worlds.

The acoustic project was designed and provided by the professionals of Mursdeleds, a popular Company in the large touring for events and festivals.
The main stage counted:
16 VIO L212 (8 per side) + 16 VIO S218
Front fill: 8 VIO L210
Delay: 8 VIO L212 (4 per side)
DJ Monitoring: 4 VIO L210 (2 per side) + 2 VIO S118 (1 per side)

The second room was sounded by the VIO L210 system with:
16 VIO L210 (8 per side) + 6 VIO S118 (3 per side) + 8 VIO S318

Big Bang Festival 2019 has been a curious journey into the many insomniac Parisians' favorite music once again; among psychedelic melodies, house tunes and progressive techno nuances, Paris didn't close its eyes until morning confirming the success of the concept once again.