The Paul Panzer's Show 2019



Artist: Paul Panzer

Venue: Lanxess Arena - indoor

"We have been relying on dBTechnologies systems for years, and it is exciting to witness the development of the brand and the products. The new VIO systems in particular contain a host of useful features that really make the use ‘On-The-Road’ easier" (Stefan Schäfer- Traumland Ton)


On tour with his present program "Glücksritter - vom Pech verfolgt" (Knight of Fortune – Pursued by Bad Luck), comedian Paul Panzer made a stop in his hometown Cologne. For his performance at Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, the largest hall during the leg of the tour, Panzer boosted his dBTechnologies Line Array tour set and used the latest system VIO L212 from dBTechnologies. Panzer, together with event company Traumland Ton, have been using dBTechnologies audio equipment on their live tours for several years now. For his performance in front of his home audience and to cope with the size of the Lanxess Arena, Traumland Ton has installed a VIO L212 system as the main PA. The VIO L212 is the most powerful line array system within the product portfolio of Italian ProAudio manufacturer dBTechnologies. VIO L212 excels with outstanding performance and maximum coverage, thus eliminating the need for delay columns in the Lanxess Arena. As main PA in the Lanxess Arena Traumland Ton’s team around Stefan Schäfer used 2x 12 VIO L212 plus 2x 3 L210 modules. For lower frequencies 8x VIO S218 and 3 VIO S118R subs were in place. As outfills 2x 12 VIO L210 modules came into play, the team also installed as a curve. Of 10x VIO L210 frontfills, four were positioned horizontally on stage, 2x 3 VIO L208 modules were placed on the subs, right and left of the stage.
The new VIO L212 is the full-size line array from dBTechnologies for large sound reinforcement applications. Because of the VIO systems’ outstanding performance, the PA covered the entire hall at a distance of up to 85 metres from the stage using no delay speakers. As the main reference point, the sound guys used the balcony’s first level. Adjusting the outfills’ dispersion angels and slant, Traumland Ton achieved a perfect coverage of the boxes right and left of the stage. Thanks to the chassis-integrated RDNet connection, setting up and calibrating the VIO system is easy and precise via the Aurora Net control software. A further advantage in daily live-use is dBTechnologies' multiple solution. With this tool, all VIO modules are linked directly using only a single wiring loom that provides power, audio and network connectivity, which simplifies installation and live operation decisively.