New Year's Eve in Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy


Artist: various

Venue: outdoor


There is no doubt that the New Year's celebrations in Naples are taken more than seriously: L'Altroservice stepped in to sound the enchanting Piazza del Plebiscito. More than 50,000 people participated in two days of music, cabaret, and varietà with great Italian showbiz personalities and a highly attended intro: the concert by singer and rapper RKOMI.

Due to the extension of the venue, the team decided to employ a massive number of VIO Series units:

36 VIO L212s
26 VIO S218s
24 VIO L210s
12 VIO L208s
4 VIO S118s
plus 10 DVA DMTH 12/15 as stage monitors.

This major set-up featured a 25m wide and 20m deep stage and a 10m high by 28m long back wall to support the entire structure. The backstage had 12 dressing rooms, and 2 maxi-screens served the audience.