Elisa live in Fossano

Fossano (CN), Italy


Artist: Elisa

Venue: Outdoor


On September 25th, dBTechnologies supported Elisa live concert in Fossano (CN) during Anima Festival - 2020 edition.

Delicate, almost celestial, energetic, and determined: this is how the Italian artist presents herself to an audience that comes enthusiastically to meet her famous angelic and powerful vibrato again.Despite the ban on dancing and preventive measures, Elisa's voice has managed to overcome every obstacle and enchant people for it is necessary to return to getting excited again, to find amazement in our days and wonder in our evenings with great music.

Under the direction of Riccardo Carioti - Head of Audio - and Hugo Tempesta - FOH - dBTechnologies took part in a return to the scenes of great success.
For the live show a total VIO PA with the large line array system VIO L212 and its complement VIO S218 was chosen, suitable to provide audio coverage in the extensive Piazza Castello. Responsible for the supply and audio design of the event, the well-known company Alive Music Service.

The configuration counted:
Main: 16 VIO L212
Subs: 12 VIO S218
Down fill: 2 VIO L1610
Front fill: VIO L208
Side fill: 4 VIO 118R with 8 VIO L208