Locus Festival 2024



Artist: various

Venue: Locus Festival

Equipment Used


Locus Festival's 2024 edition challenges the ordinary and gives the public the experience of matching prestigious venues to national and international music.
Over the course of the festival, stages are erected in a variety of settings, from bustling city squares to historic buildings that are local cultural gems, promising a diverse and exciting experience.
The sound of Locus, curated by Bass Culture, is brought to life through the VIO systems series and VIO L212 Main. These systems are deployed in various configurations, each meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of every event, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience.
Locus' concept is to enhance and highlight distinctive realities of the Apulian and t's clear that this new edition achieves the intent, presenting high-profile music and big names: Calcutta, Take That, Simple Minds, Robert Plant, and many more.

PA configuration for Calcutta's live show in Bari:
Main: 32 VIO L212
Subs: 24 VIO S218Fs
Outfills: 16 VIO L210s
Frontfills: 12 VIO L208s

PA configuration for Simple Minds' live show in Bari:
Main: 24 VIO L212 modules
Outfills: 20 VIO L1610s
Frontfills: 12 VIO L208s
Subs: 24 VIO S218Fs