Moonland Sarzana 2019



Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor

Equipment Used


As a new and convinced VIO Series user, the professional team of ALL MUSIC Service relies on the large line array system - flagship of the dBTechnologies touring philosophy and VIO L212 conquers the task of sounding Moonland Sarzana, a three-intense-days-event able to open the doors of Music upon Sarzana, a fascinating border town between Liguria and Tuscany, a place that is also a meeting place and also meeting point for a smooth connection between northern and central Italy; as main PA, the line array system and VIO S218 subwoofer complement, accompanied the notes of Negrita and many other famous and emerging talented musicians.

On the stage which was set up in the main square of the town, the entire configuration by VIO Series consisted of:
16 VIO L212 (8 per side) supported by the VIO subwoofer complement in units of 8 S218

For the debut of a long-awaited festival, an artistic variety that honours styles and trends very different from each other: from the historic band PFM, which brings with it the many hits of entire generations to Bowland, the fabulous trio returned from the top of the charts, illuminated by TV and shining in the national scene for refinement and refinement of style and sound. But Moonland was also a party dedicated to 25 years of Negrita, the most beloved Tuscan pop-rock group of the last two decades, which brought to Sarzana the unquenchable charge of years and years of great hits become part of the national culture.

Alongside the big ones, a lot of space has been reserved for emerging talents, who thanks to Moonland have found an exceptional stage to bring their artisticity and expressiveness to a wide audience.