Live show

Subsonica live



Artist: Subsonica

Venue: Outdoor

"This PA owns all the fundamental features for a good PA: powerful, very well defined and steady in the low end"
Marco Cipo Calliari [FOH Engineer Subsonica]


The full-scale VIO L212 line array and its VIO subwoofer VIO S218 powered Subsonica's live show in Cagliari. 15,000 participants crowded the large squares of the historic center chosen for the event.

Subsonica from Turin are known as the most representative band of Italian electronic rock: as well as being a pioneer of the genre, the band is famous for having contributed to its development and growth within the current Italian scene, continuing in the present to create many successful albums and concepts.

On the evening of December 31st 2018, the large squares of the old town were filled with people and it is precisely on this backdrop that a configuration of:24 VIO L212 + 18 VIO S218 + 4 VIO L208 (front fill) provided by Big Talu Music Service has also reached the most remote corners of the great Piazza Yenne and the Largo close to it.

Marco Cipo Calliari, FOH engineer manager for the event, told us about the configuration and the acoustic performance of the system contributing with some considerations properly based on impressions of use and listening already activated by the experiences of Caparezza and Luca Carboni live: "The VIO I used in Cagliari is a system that leaves no room to nostalgia. I can say with confidence that it can be easily placed in the range of the most famous brands.
VIO L212 is powerful, very well defined and equally steady on the bass and all these are fundamental characteristics of a good audio system. Moreover, the venue was certainly not so optimal: a tree-lined avenue in a steep descent with the stage at the top and despite this, I was immediately impressed by the extreme definition of the tops that were very calibrated, never annoying and very resistant to distance...really exemplary! I was very worried about the return of the subs on stage because they weren’t in cardiod configuration, but I must say that, after many tests, the stage was particularly clear and the sound distribution was just as impeccable.
In short, I was fully satisfied, as well as the audience, judging by their response.
Finally, I believe that every top-level system has characteristics of excellence, but it is certainly necessary to know how to manage them: the good work done by Riccardo Parravicini and Alessandro Nesi hasn’t left doubts”.

Also Riccardo Parravicini told about his experience regarding the design of the configuration and all the other details related to the PA in relation to the structure of the venue and, not least, the monitoring of the system during the event; Parravicini stated:"We used 12 VIO tops L212 per side + 18 Sub S218 in arc array configuration.
We were at the beginning of an avenue that is surrounded by buildings, so we chose to open the electronic arc of the subs by 50 degrees. The PA hanging point was required for safety reasons and didn't allow much of a climb with the tops. Nevertheless, I decided to use 12 tops per side in order to maintain a higher directivity of the mid-bass frequencies and to get a throw as long possible, preserving the sound homogeneity.
The audience was on a slope, so the aiming of the system was carefully evaluated in the prediction phase, considering of course that there would be a lot of people even at a distance of 80-100 meters. Also we had four VIO L208 positioned on the subwoofers as front fill to cover the first few meters. The whole system was controlled and monitored through Aurora Net software which easily correct the attenuation of the high frequencies caused by the distance of the top modules of the array. I didn’t make any correction on the eq : just a small general shelving of +1 db from 10khz up and a small 2 db hole with a fairly narrow bell around 200hz.
I have to say that I was very satisfied with the result and I found the Cipo’s (a.k.a. Marco Cipo Calliari) mix immediately focused and incisive".