TOdays Festival 2021

Turin, Italy


Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor


The PA branded VIO Series sounds one of the most awaited outdoor festivals in the country and our technology has been chosen and used for the sound project realized by Microfase Music Service to cover the wide acoustic areas of the complex, composed by the big main stage sPAZIO 211 and other indoor stages set up in the neighboring areas, which hosts a rich and diversified line-up within a calendar of performances with a constant but accelerating rhythm, in pure non-stop festival style.
In the main area of TOdays the quintessence of the first-class independent rock culture reigns and the underground is the undisputed master of the audience's favor. This large lawn that in the past years has hosted some of the most tantalizing music on the international scene.

Right here, the great event meets its audience with a sound system consisting of:
Main: 16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 processed in arc delay
Front fill: 6 VIO L208
Stage side fill: 1 VIO S218 + 3 VIO L208 per side
To complete the set-up, the X310 system of the VIO X line makes its official debut with a field test and completes the system with a prototype per side used as out fill.

Reaching its sixth edition, the festival opens the door with a charge of incredible energy and tons of guests showing the power of expressive arts in the current scenario and their effects on the ecosystems of the periphery, particularly suited to incubate and build talent. In many cases, these are unique shows, previews, and exclusive productions along four bold days during which the public discovers new means of art rooted in the present. For this and for many other reasons, TOdays is a resonating name that the press and the public opinion raise every year as an example. The festival is able to give emotions, promote and protect the arts as an integral part of an invaluable production, which may seem abstract and intangible but, at the same time, impossible to ignore: the production of joy in front of the richness of the present and the unequivocal push towards a brighter future lived in intimate and collective harmony.