Rimavská Sobota


Artist: Various

Venue: Rimavská Sobota Amphiteather - outdoor


The VIO L212 system was the main PA of the two-days JÚNIUSFeszt 2019 set in Rimavská Sobota, a nice town in Slovakia.
On June 7-9 a complete VIO Series PA contributed to warm up the atmosphere of the amphitheater in Rimavská Sobota on the occasion of an exciting series of live performances that have crossed many musical genres, managing to involve a wide extremely diversified audience; that was exactly the main intention of the organization, which created the festival to reach and gather citizens of different ages and backgrounds. Among the local premium music, represented by artists such as: Hooligans, Beatrice, R-GO, DJ Flower, Istvan Tabani, Follow the flow, Oláh Gergö, and many themed initiatives designed for the entertainment of adults and children, the PA by #dBTechnologies supported the sound system of the venue by offering optimal acoustic coverage to the entire circular extension and structure of the space.
The configuration was conceived and designed by dB Centrum SK, slovakian user of the large line array, as follows: 16 VIO L212 + 16 VIO S218 + 8 DVA T12 as out fill and 4 DVA T12 as front fill.