FivePoint Amphitheater Show

Irivine, CA, USA


Artist: various

Venue: outdoor

“I thought: this loudspeaker array sounds plain and clear and I don’t think there’s anything I need to do to improve this."
Joseph Olea [FOH engineer for Lovelytheband]


The Live Nation Five Point Amphitheater event in Irvine was sounded by a VIO Series PA, designed and deployed by live sound expert company MixOne Sound.
The Amphitheater presented unique challenges for MixOne Sound: “FivePoint Amphitheater has a strict 100 dB limit at front of house, and the venue has a significant rake, with about 35 feet of elevation up to the back seats. To meet these specifications, we went all in with the VIO System for this event, but we needed to make sure it was carefully configured,” said William Catlin of MixOne Sound. “We deployed 28 VIO L212 speakers for the mains, with 14 on each side, along with 24 VIO S318 subs, two triple stacks per side, and six double stacks in the middle, ensuring ample coverage. It’s worth noting that the outfills also presented a challenge, as they weren’t as closely spaced as we’d prefer. To compensate, we used an array of L212s, 6 on each side, 6 VIO L210s front fills, along with some VIO C12s on the deck for outfills ensuring we didn’t have any sonic dark spots. The fact that the VIO boxes are active powered simplifies our setup because we can forgot the need to have separate amps, and the rigging is very intuitive. People commented on how easy it was to fly.” Looking back at the event, “the night went well and the feedback from the four front of house engineers was very positive,” Catlin said. “Many of them were genuinely impressed that everything was ready for them when they were ready to go, and how well it performed.” Joseph Olea, FOH engineer for Lovelytheband, was also impressed with the system. “During soundcheck there was one song that starts with just guitar. Right as the vocals came in, I was floored by the dBTechnologies VIO system,” he said. “I thought ‘this loudspeaker array sounds plain and clear and I don’t think there’s anything I need to do to improve this.’ I was really impressed with the crossover between the mid and the high frequency elements and William did a great job with the sub deployment. There was no lack of punchy low end at all. I was very happy.” Catlin wasn’t surprised at his response. “I told the front of house guys that the VIO system, when tuned correctly is flat and transparent like a studio monitor,” he said. “And it allows you to mix the way you want to mix".