Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
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Ready 4 MK2
Ready 4 MK2
Technology on the move A battery powered high-performance speaker that will set a new standard for portable PA systems.
Technology on the move A battery powered high-performance speaker that will set a new standard for portable PA systems.

Featured with multiple power supply options (battery/power mains), the new Ready 4 can be used in any situation. The battery ensures several hours of autonomy. An exhausted battery can be quickly replaced with a charged battery through the back removable panel. The speaker can be connected to 220 V or 110 V AC power, thanks to a SMPS with auto-range, or a 15 V power supply via an optional external adapter.

Ready 4 features is a stylish contemporary design that will suit any situation.

An optional Bluetooth board, a MIX OUT output and a bright multi-function OLED display enhance the excellent potential of the new Ready 4, placing it right at the top of its category. 

Technical Data
Speaker Type
Bi-amp battery-powered speaker
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-10dB]
70 - 20.000 kHz
120 dB
Voice Coil HF
85/65 x 60°
Asymmetrical CD Horn
Voice Coil LF
Class D High efficiency power amplifier
Peak Power
200 Watt
1x OLED display with 4 push buttons, 4 x rotative knobs, 1x 3-position power supply source switch (external, internal or OFF)
Main PSU
VDE socket: auto-range SMPS (110v~ -220 V~) for full operation and battery charging
Internal Battery PSU
12V - 7Ah lead acid battery (user-replaceable)
External 15V PSU
DC conn. for 15V external power supply
DSP 56 bit
AD/DA Converter
Crossover Frequency LF-HF
1950 Hz
Slope LF-HF
24 dB/Octave
Dual Active
Peak/RMS, Thermal
Special features
Digital battery charger, Battery management and power saving functions
Master Channel
1x Master volume potentiometer
Mic/Line Channel
1x Combo (XLR/jack) input, 1x Mic/Line volume control, 1x Mic/Line selection switch
Wireless Mic Channel
1x 16ch. UHF wireless built-in receiver, 1x Wireless receiver volume control
Media Channel
2x RCA unbalanced inputs, 1x Bluetooth™ built-in audio receiver (optional), 1x USB type “A” port for media files (MP3/WMA/AAC), 1x RCA/USB/Bluetooth™ volume control
Mix output
1x 6.3” unbalanced jack mix Out
Polypropylen PP
Angles Up
Monitor use 43°
1x top side
343 mm (13.72 in)
553 mm (22.77 in)
304 mm (11.97in)
11.3 kg (24.91 lbs)
Notes: The data are not binding; dBTechnologies reserves the right to modify the data at any time and without previous notice.
Asymmetrical Horn
The new dBTechnologies asymmetrical horn design delivers similar effective coverage for smaller applications.
The high-frequency horn is narrower on top to bundle sound and throw it over greater distances.
It flares out at the bottom to achieve a wider pattern of throw.
(This compensates for high frequency loss as sound travels further from the source) and distributes the signal more uniformly across all audience areas.
Digipro® G2
System of digital amplification engineered by dBTechnologies.
Based on the previous Digipro project, the newest G2 versions' efficiency has been improved by cutting down on consumption and heating.
The introduction of a 'new avant-garde' component, a better s/n relation and a lighter weight, confer a superior dynamism to the new Digipro G2 digital speakers.
Discontinued Item
We're sorry
This item has been discontinued
DSP: Digital Sound Processor
These models come with a powerful DSP. Serving as an active crossover and controller, it splits and limits the signal and aligns phases and delay times.
Best of all, it even enables dBTechnologies' engineers to fine-tune the enclosures for the most balanced response.
It is this perfect balance that ensures your signals - speech, playback tracks, and live music – are sent accurately in every detail.
That makes a dBTechnlogies product a real all-rounder for every sound reinforcement challenge.
Multifunctional Housing
A multifunctional housing offers many placement options, for instance as a floor monitor, satellite speaker in combination with subwoofers or as a fullrange system on pole mounts.
Preset System
The opportunity of modifying the character and equalization of a speaker is a very important prerogative in adapting a speaker to multiple functions.
The introduction of the Preset System enables to choose directly from the box the most adeguate equalization for the desired use, optimizing performances without the need of external processors.
The management of phase, limiter and x-over will be modified automatically depending on the chosen set-up, preserving the internal acoustic equipment.
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